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NOM De script

Currently in development - VR experience through the dystopian lens of an AI bot navigating hydroscapes of a reconfigured atmosphere, using climatology data and user response feeds to destabilize binary codes in social interaction and computing.

When technology tracks movement in virtual spaces and controls movement in physical spaces, feedback loops intensify. A performative allegory of shifting urban form and social tremors. In collaboration with CounterPulse and PUSH Dance. >>

An interactive exhibit as inquiry into where minds keep memories and if they have spatial coordinates that can be reached with a synaptic map. Immersed in a constellation of neural nodes holding musical tones, participants shape movement into generative melodies. >>

Ground Sense

Live video animation unearthing participant connections to land fractured by colonial uprooting, animating stories and song using sand and earth collected from those lands. In collaboration with AWE Gallery. >>

Astral Fields

Dance performance involving projection mapping onto moving surfaces inspired by themes of discordance in biotic patterning and the deconstruction of ecological ontologies. In collaboration with Tempest Studio NYC, Sylvie Guiterrez and oVo Dance.


An exploration of access, gentrification, and digital divides painting a striking visual collage and resonant soundscape through dance and wearable technology. In collaboration with Bayview Opera House and Raissa Simpson. With support from San Francisco Arts Commission. >>


Interactive exhibit using webcam activation and textural processing to play with diegetic form redefining the relationship between passive spectacle and interrupted complicity.