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WIR | pron: \ˈhwər, ˈwər\ | transitive verb, noun

1. To go, fly, revolve, or otherwise move quickly with a humming or buzzing sound.

2. We Inventing the Real, a new media, music and motion graphics arts collective.

Formed in spring 2016, We Inventing the Real (WIR) is an arts collective that brings together a team of innovative visual artists, digital wizards and creative coders in the San Francisco Bay Area.


WIR uses technology to create interactive canvases and tools for audiences and performers to paint imaginative landscapes and portraits exploring the human condition. Team bios and website coming soon.

WIR's first production, Dreams Deferred, is a collaborative production currently being mapped and molded. Read more about it below.

Dreams Deferred

Form and tone are seamlessly fused in a dance performance
where interactions are instruments of light and sound.

Dreams Deferred is a proposed performance piece that explores the dialogue between intersecting narratives of hope and aspiration that are otherwise confined, contorted or corroded by institutionalized oppression in contemporary western society.


It is a piece that further makes visible the relativist shaping of our stories and how bending the constructs around social etiquette and digital information-based doctrines can propagate empathetic expressions of communication.


The Stage

A darkened stage slowly illuminates to a swirling projection and cacophony of notes, revealing eight dancers concentrically intertwined. As the performers begin to unfurl, like a bud blooming and shedding its petals, the stage darkens again and falls silent.


Two dancers move towards each other freezing in ornate postures a few feet from one another. A third dancer reservedly passes through the invisible axis formed by the two other dancers, and a single note rings out, the reverberations of which paint a ripple of light around the instigating dancer while waves of light emanate from the two dancers flanking the instigator. 


Gradually, a dance performance among the eight dancers illustrates a complex and responsive fabric where the dancer’s configurations perform a musical composition, their gestures coloring the notes, their movements tracked by streaks and circles of overlapping light and pattern.


The Systems


This is accomplished by integrating motion capture techniques, wearable wireless sensors, projection mapping onto moving surfaces, and live-action choreographed dance; all elements of which converge to form a functional instrument. Each new combination of triads, reorganized and rearranged, executes sections of the musical composition and projection painting.


While the performance initially appears to the audience as a dance interpretation of the musical composition playing, it becomes more apparent as the performance unfolds—through the gradual introduction of visual projections, that the dancers are in fact triggering the qualities of music and light with their bodies.


Individually, they are confined to a form detached from externalities and enveloped in a darkened silence. Together, however, they are effectively an instrument producing infinite feedback loops between form, light and sound.

The Structure​

Dreams Deferred is intended on being two back-to-back 15 minute visual and sound performance pieces, separated by a short break for alternating set and costume design. The performances are to be followed by an interactive component and question and answer period, as a means to directly engage the audience members in discovering the technology used (i.e. hardware and software interfaces for themselves).


As the physical and programmatic components generating the performance’s sound and light responses are intended to be tactile and intuitive, a guided explanation with volunteers from the audience can demonstrate the theoretical and mechanical concepts employed through the performance.